Heroic years (1982 – 1988)

That was a period of intense work and short money, the group was frequently vulnerable but it kept on performing and living from theater.

With the creation of “There it is for you to see on the tip of your toes” and “The Mute Wife Comedy”, the group which conquered Minas Gerais and traveled all over Brazil with other companies (national and international ones) had the desire to digest its own reality and become its own representative.

In 1987, “It was for Love” was first performed. That play inaugurates the ‘Brazilian Series’, a moment in which Galpão started making workshops and studying texts about the Brazilian reality. On that same year, the group intensified its music, acrobatics, improvisations, body and object theatricalization and bought the “Emerald”, the old Chevrolet pick-up, that became nationally known, five years later with “Romeo and Juliet”.

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