The success of a 30 years experience (2009 – 2014)

After the failed attempt of setting up the opera “Il pagliacci”, by Rugero Leoncavallo, directed by the Swiss Daniele Finzi Pasca, Galpão decided to make its own show with their own directing. This way started a series of workshops, in which the group’s members would direct their colleagues on scenes based on the texts that the actors had chosen. The scenes were presented in Galpão Cine Horto Festival (BH) and the ones that were most voted by the audience would be the basis to develop the next show. “Till”, the journey of the crocked hero, was chosen. Deciding that the youngest member of the group the actor Júlio Maciel would be the director. Designed to be played on the street the show premiered at Praça do Papa (BH) gathering 18 thousand people in just three days. Huge success within the audience and critics, the play received the main awards in Minas Gerais.

In 2010, the play got on the roads of Brazil and after being on the big capitals they went to the countryside. It was the year of the São Francisco Tour, in which the group accompanied the riverside of the Old Chico (that is how the river is nicknamed), passing through Minas Gerais north and fewer small cities on the northeast. In the next year, “Till” was performed in Spanish in Chile.

Three years after the “Moscow” experience, Tchékhov came back on the agenda. For the first time the Galpão crew divided itself to be able to perform two different set ups, both dedicated to the Russian playwright work. The project “Viagem a Tchékhov” (“Trip to Tchékhov”) had on the first branch the show ” Tio Vânia (aos que vierem depois de nós)” (“Uncle Vânia (to those that came after us)”) directed by Yara de Noaves. Settled on a stage, with a more realistic interpretation, the show sensitized the audience of Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, performed also at the Vascello Theater, in Rome (Italy).

The second show dedicated to Tchékhov, “Eclipse”, directed by the Russian Jurij Alschitz, the second foreigner in Galpão. The first one was the Argentine Fernando Linares, Based on several short stories and fragments of the author, “Eclipse” was premiered in BH, at the end of the year at the Galpão Cine Horto.

After the set up of two shows with texts by Tchékhov and adaptations of the Russian author tales for the movies, the group proposed a new idea: bringing to the street the classical verse of Luigi Pirandello, “Os Gigantes da Montanha” (“Giant Mountains”). The 21st set up of the group premiered in May, 2013, celebrating the return of the partnership with Gabriel Villela, who also directed remarkable shows such as “Romeo and Juliet” (1992) and “The Street of Sorrow” (1994). The play “Giant Mountains” received in 2013 the award “The Best of the year”, by the São Paulo Folha’s Guide on the category of Best Premiere, and the award of Best Critique on the category of Best Musical Direction – Original Soundtrack. In 2014, Galpão got the Copasa Sincparc of Performing Arts prize in the category of Largest Audience and Best Costume.

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