The Expansion (1996 – 1999)

After two years of traveling around Brazil, Europe and Latin America countries with “Romeo and Juliet” and “The Street of Bitterness”, the Galpão decided to set up a new show merging theater, circus and music. They chose Molière because of his popular character as well as his merciless critique to the hypocrisy of the contemporary society. “Um Molière Imaginário” (“An Imaginary Molière”) was brought to life, which is a version of “O Doente Imaginário” (“The Imaginary Invalid”), last play written by the French playwright, premiered on the opening of the National Theater Festival of Curitiba.
The set up united three main objectives that guided the group: a broad theatrical language, revive the local popular culture and the achievement of a larger audience than those that used to go to Theaters.
By finishing this set up, the group celebrated its 15 years of journey, expanding its space to be able to perform new activities. Renting a building near an old deactivated cinema, on the same street that its headquarter was and where was settled the Galpão Cine Horto, a cultural center of creation, graduation, research and exchange open to artists and the community. Beyond that, the Galpão Group published a book “Grupo Galpão, 15 anos de Risco e Rito” (“Grupo Galpão, 15 years of risk and ritual”). The book, written by Carlos Antônio Leite Brandão, coordinated by Eduardo Moreira, it is not only an important record, but it also represents the celebration of the group’s journey.
Directed by Cacá Carvalho, Galpão put together “Partido” (“Divided”), an adaptation of Ítalo Calvino’s work “O Visconde Partido ao Meio” (“The Cloven Viscount”). The play exploits the author’s universe, testing the limits between good and evil involving everything around contradictions. From that, the actors were “divided” in two characters and the traditional Italian stage that converted into a maze, revealing itself as pages of a book. The play was a milestone in the Grupo Galpão 17 years journey and its meeting with the Brazilian actor and director from Pará.

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