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Os improvisos de voz e corpo desenvolvidos com os alemães no Festival de Inverno, de 1982, em Diamantina.

Teuda Bara, Eduardo Moreira, Wanda Fernandes and Antonio Edson met in the theater classes of the Germans Kurt Bildstein and George Froscher, in the Teatro Livre de Munique. One day before they started assembling “E a noiva não quer casar”, Teuda, Eduardo, Wanda and Fernando Linares decided, at a bar’s table, to organize themselves as […]

‘Ó pro cê vê na ponta do pé’, a bailarina e o mendigo (Chico Pelúcio e Wanda Fernandes)

That was a period of intense work and short money, the group was frequently vulnerable but it kept on performing and living from theater. With the creation of “There it is for you to see on the tip of your toes” and “The Mute Wife Comedy”, the group which conquered Minas Gerais and traveled all […]

Primeiro encontro com o diretor Jerzy Grotowski em Pontedera, Itália.

After coming back from a long excursion in Italy, where they met Grotowski and Peter Brook, the group decided to create more solid and permanent structures, organizing files and documents and settling down in their own headquarters. With their own resources they bought a lot used as a wood deposit, in a residential borough of […]

‘Álbum de Família’: Jonas e Tia Rute (Beto Franco e Teuda Bara).

Grupo Galpão’s history until now, as the actors defined it themselves “was a slow motion process, of baby steps, of which the ripe fruits could only be harvested after a long sowing and irrigation process.” In “Family Album”, by Nelson Rodrigues, the harvest was just beginning. The play amplified the group’s presence in the national […]

Bastidores da montagem de ‘Partido’, com direção de Cacá Carvalho.

After two years of traveling around Brazil, Europe and Latin America countries with “Romeo and Juliet” and “The Street of Bitterness”, the Galpão decided to set up a new show merging theater, circus and music. They chose Molière because of his popular character as well as his merciless critique to the hypocrisy of the contemporary […]

‘Um Trem Chamado Desejo’: elenco e cenário

At the turn of the century, Galpão started the year with an invitation to present at the “Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre” in London. “Romeo and Juliet” would be the first Brazilian show on that stage for a two weeks season. The British people known as theater lovers and specially Shakespeare, crowded each and every performance and […]

Bastidores da montagem de ‘Os Gigantes da Montanha’, concepção e direção de Gabriel Villela.

After the failed attempt of setting up the opera “Il pagliacci”, by Rugero Leoncavallo, directed by the Swiss Daniele Finzi Pasca, Galpão decided to make its own show with their own directing. This way started a series of workshops, in which the group’s members would direct their colleagues on scenes based on the texts that […]

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