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Grupo Galpão is one of the most important Brazilian theater companies. It has its origins in the popular and street theaters. It was created in 1982, and since then the group strictly researches the language to bring to the stage plays that closely communicate to the public.

With its headquarters in Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais), is is frequently on the road, both in Brazil and abroad. It has been all over Brazil and around South and North America as well as in Europe.

Currently with 12 resident actors, the group always invites directors such as Fernando Linares, Paulinho Polika, Eid Ribeiro, Gabriel Villela, Cacá Carvalho, Paulo José, Paulo de Moraes, Yara de Novaes and Jurij Alschitz to direct its plays. Some members of the group have also directed its plays: Eduardo Moreira, Chico Pelúcio, Júlio Maciel, Lydia Del Picchia and Simone Ordones

Galpão coined its artistic language from the experience acquired in both erudict and popular theater, from the tradition and the contemporaneity, from street theater and the stage, from the universal and the Regional Brazilian influences.

Without formulas or defined labels, Galpão has always been a theater group, that not only assembles the plays but also proposes a permanent reflection about the actor and theater’s ethics. It is inserted in an ample cultural and social universe.

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